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High quality music an​d theater instruction at a low cost, low time commitment, and LOTs of fun!

We believe children learn best when they are having fun!  At Local Vocals Kid's Company, we teach every class in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere while sharing in our love of music and theater.  We know every student is different and we strive to inspire creativity and bring out the best in each.

Vocal technique, movement, part singing, harmonizing, breathing, posture, acting, and choreography are a few of the skills we teach.  Singing and learning music has many proven benefits; assisting in children's development and enriching the lives of adults.  Group learning further enhances these benefits by building social bonds and connections, elevating self-esteem, and forming new friendships with others in the community.

Never have the same session twice!  Because many of our students attend more than one session, we make sure each semester is unique.  

Join us and let your child's voice be heard!